A shade sail for the patio

Went back to Crossfit, though I had second thoughts on getting out of bed with only 6hours and 11 minutes of sleep. But if I dont start to make it happening, it never will. I need to be in bed by 9pm for those Crossfit mornings. Period!

Gosh 15 reps of anything is too much for those fast-paced workouts. I had to lower the weight of the bar for front squats during the Metcon, and I almost fell on my head during pushups from the box (which would have been handstand pushups as the non-modified version) and we were 12 peeps in the class.  Quite a lot for 6am’s.

Tonight I was working on my patio project, as I want to sew a shade sail for the patio. Tomorrow my handyman is coming over to fix a bunch of things for my tenants and give me some ideas on how to mount the sail. He is used to my crazy ideas and will always have a solution. I still need to finsh the seam all around it and the loops for hanging it up. I ran out of time tonight.

20140609-212136-76896769.jpg 20140609-212138-76898577.jpg

Food was a mixed bag, as we celebrated team member birthdays. Breakfast and lunch blurred together and I had a couple of small pieces of cake. I am glad its over as I want to be settling into a normal routine again. Because when you do Crossfit you realize how much excess weight is holding you from performing well. And I had forgotten about practicing my handstands and double-unders.

20140609-212130-76890506.jpg 20140609-212132-76892025.jpg 20140609-212134-76894704.jpg

I got 5 beaches in the area that I will need to check out for paddling fun, some may not work as I dont want to drag the board for a mile.

I am also getting the hang of reading the weather besides just the daily temp and rain or shine. Like that for tonight: Northeast wind 5 to 10 knots. Partly cloudy late in the evening then becoming mostly cloudy. Waves 1 to 2 feet.

Water temperature: 53 °F
Air temperature: 51.3 °F
Wind Direction: NNE ( 20 deg true )
Wind Speed: 8 kts
Wind Gust: 12 kts

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