Evening Paddle

I just went for a quick paddle with Karl. Was awesome! He texted me around 7pm that is still nice out at the beach, so we went for about 1.5 hours. It was beautiful and I wish I would have had my camera to snap some pics from the board. But then I had 3 spills into the 50 degrees kinda fridged water. I did not put my wetsuit on. So it was cooooold! I was standing a lot longer on the board tonight, but I think I got stuck with the fin on some sandbanks so it knocked me off the board in a hurry.

Food, better its cleaning up.

20140613-221144-79904817.jpg 20140613-221145-79905995.jpg 20140613-221147-79907127.jpg 20140613-221148-79908411.jpg 20140613-221150-79910656.jpg

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