Quark is back!

Got some good foods at Trader Joes. Will test out a couple of speed meals and make a list for the weeks I run short on time. Ready to make quark, so super easy. Procedure is easier then making yogurt. Just dump the buttermilk in the yogurt maker and go. Here in the US the quark is super expensive, but also hard to find.

20140614-112627-41187420.jpg 20140614-112628-41188776.jpg

I talked to a fisherman this evening about where to find a more accurate weather forecast. He told me that he came in early with his boat today due to the waves. And tomorrow will be even worse with waves between 3 and 5 feet. It was pretty choppy, and I wasn’t able to stand on the board at all due to the higher waves. It sucks because next week I wont be able to go at all since I am on-call and have to stay within 15 minutes of a computer with internet access. Agggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

20140614-205855-75535962.jpg 20140614-210239-75759642.jpg

This is what the inflatable looks like. I got a new little K20 pump (the white one) and it does a nice job on getting the board up to 15 psi.

20140614-205852-75532565.jpg 20140614-205853-75533741.jpg

Just unrolled and then inflated. Takes about 8 to 10 minutes to get it ready.

20140614-210021-75621323.jpg 20140614-210023-75623631.jpg

In the water. The sun wasn’t as pretty tonight.

20140614-210049-75649855.jpg 20140614-210051-75651116.jpg

Today’s food. Just getting back into the groove.

20140614-205733-75453265.jpg 20140614-205734-75454485.jpg 20140614-205735-75455540.jpg 20140614-205736-75456863.jpg
M1: Omlete with potato and ham,
M2: Salad with salmon,
M3: Sweet potato protein bars and raspberries,
M4: Protein shake

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