Restarting my video habit

I am restarting my video habit. It takes a lot of practice to make videos half-way decent. I was thinking to make a cooking video but that’s serious work, not sure if I want to put that effort into it. Still thinking about that.

Today’s food prep:

The Sweet Potato Bowl. Yum!

20140615-163313-59593220.jpg 20140615-163314-59594324.jpg

The Breakfast Casserole.

20140615-163212-59532830.jpg 20140615-163345-59625474.jpg 20140615-173047-63047947.jpg

The Chocolate Fudge Protein Brownie. Yum!

20140615-163315-59595353.jpg 20140615-163316-59596521.jpg 20140615-173046-63046783.jpg

Today’s foods were very tasty.

20140615-163210-59530221.jpg 20140615-163211-59531421.jpg 20140615-173127-63087641.jpg 20140615-180513-65113701.jpg

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