Handstand on the SUP? – far fetched for now

Again just a little less then 6 hours of sleep. My mind just keeps going and I cant seem to find the switch to turn it off. I made it to Crossfit this morning and the WOD wasn’t as bad as it looked. Its amazing how I never liked and did the foam rolling and stretching, and now its the first thing we do before our CF workouts.

Ok, I am thinking of learning this one next after I have mastered to stand on the SUP w/o falling off. Well I mean when I mastered the handstand by itself too. Oh yeah and I want that body.

Today’s food was good, but I went a little overboard with the brownies. They are pretty yummy.

20140616-192852-70132010.jpg 20140616-192854-70134243.jpg 20140616-192853-70133117.jpg 20140616-192856-70136381.jpg

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