Improving Sleep

No workout today. I opted to catch up on sleep since I had another stressful day ahead of me. Made it to 7 hours today. It isn’t that I dont go to bed on time, its more that my mind is still so busy and doesn’t want to shut off. I am using an app called Brain Wave to fall asleep faster and taking some ZMA.

My cravings for those twix bars and rolos have disappeared again and I am not tempted, but I also now have a secret weapon (those sweet potato protein bars in the work freezer) and having a protein brownie with coffee around 10am is a little slice of heaven at the moment. Oh I need to make more of those brownies for sure.

I will make those protein brownies and the sweet potato bars for our Crossfit outing next week. We are going to a baseball game with tailgate. I am really not a sports watcher, but its for the company I am with and its fun to hang out with your workout buddies once in a while.

My weight is exactly 211.2 pounds for the last 2 weeks with zero movement up or down and that is on two different scales (at home and at the gym). Its kinda funny, at least I am not gaining and I know I could comfortable eat less and still be ok. I will give it another week of cruising along and then I will turn into my hunger a little more again to drop some fat.

Today’s meals:

20140618-191519-69319466.jpg  20140618-191518-69318334.jpg 20140618-191517-69317191.jpg 20140618-191515-69315938.jpg

Yesterdays meals:

20140618-191702-69422314.jpg 20140618-191621-69381249.jpg 20140618-191927-69567409.jpg 20140618-191929-69569080.jpg 20140618-191618-69378036.jpg

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