A new diet and where did the sleep habit go?

There isn’t a magic pill or diet or coach that will magically let your fat disappear forever, or is there? This morning I goggled “nutritional coaching for crossfit” in an attempt to find the perfect solution for those last 50 pounds that I really want to get rid of.

But then I dont want to obey to a meal plan because they are boring, I dont want to eat this or that, and I dont like restriction. Flashback to Vanessa and The Primal Blueprint, and maybe instead of Paleo I just live in the Zone (Diet)?  So why is it after we failed a hundred times we still keep searching for the perfect thing that doesn’t exist? Honestly, I have no clue why that is. Maybe the idea of the fast way out? But it made me realized that I need to stop looking. I got all the tools, I just have to sharpen them again.

First I need to fix my whacked out hormones. Start habit is Sleep&Rest (best at 7 hours and 30 minutes) in combo with diligently taking my thyroid meds like I am suppose to. I had this one all hacked to perfection and was just cruising, and then not sure what happened.


Yup, this last week was pretty bad and I cant blame it all on being on-call. But it was a very stressful week at work. Just glad it flew by like nothing else and I will be off the hook on Monday. Time for some fun again!

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