Habit Tracker Search

I am just checking out some iphone habit trackers to make it easy to track. I will be using Habit List and Lift for a week and then decide which one I want to go forward with.

I am doing weekly pics, weight and 3 measurements (only waist, hip, and thigh not interested in the others nor do they move much anyways) again. Still on the fence if I should do another round of LE.

At the beginning of LE 01/2013 @ 262# (left)
The final photo shot for LE 11/2013 @ 213# (middle)
Today 06/2014 @ 212# (right)

To be continued ….. but definitely moving from fat to fit and having fun.

I sure love to cook and try out new things. I plan my recipes by looking at pictures/ingredients. I take a book and look though it and see what looks most appealing for the next week. I am such a foodie and this way I dont get too bored and aren’t tempted to eat things that are not so favorable. Most books happen to be paleo, but I am just gluten intolerant and hate beans. So its a perfect fit for me.

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