Paddling in the fog

I freed up over 2GB of pics on my iPhone, so now I can try to make some videos.

This morning (7am) I was making meals for the week while checking the systems at work. I love multitasking with the prospect of having some fun later.

20140622-195846-71926324.jpg 20140622-195822-71902059.jpg

20140622-195824-71904423.jpg 20140622-195823-71903214.jpg

Today’s meals:

I forgot to eat lunch before hitting out for paddle boarding, Then made that my dinner plus 2 bottles of BCAAs in the hope to recover until tomorrow morning.

20140622-195753-71873075.jpg 20140622-195754-71874260.jpg 20140622-195755-71875540.jpg

It was pretty foggy out on the lake, but we went anyways. I wanted to go.


This time we launched from the South Shore Marina beach, closer to my house, but also a little more boat traffic. Karl and I had fun. And we got yelled at by some want to be coast guards. I think we were out a little less than 3 hours, we paddled about 4 miles round trip along the coast. Its hard to describe but it just felt so peaceful and it was quite beautiful despite the heavy fog. I wish I would have had my camera ready to snap pics with. Now I am exhausted and will be in bed in 10 minutes. I need to be ready for tomorrows Crossfit workout.

American Ninja Warrior its pretty cool. I watched it if the very first time and like it.

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