New stuff

No workout this morning. I woke up and was too sore, so I slept another round. Decided initially to go for the 12pm CF class, but I really hate leaving work for a workout. So it never happened.

Tonight I had a meeting at the village. I am a member of the Village Community Development Board, which I got into after I fought against a stupid Walmart coming to town. I love those meeting, they are fascinating as we hear about the latest developments, developers interested in the area, the infrastructure problems the village faces, condemnations, lawyers and TIFs. Cool stuff and you get to know the village staff and police chief. That always comes in handy.

Got some new stuff to try. The PP was delish in my dinner shake, just like chocolate ice cream. The other one is to try an emergency breakfast option. But more about it later.

And I tried to make a little video on how to make some brownies. But go figure when I start talking at least one of my kitties feels the need to respond with something back. WTH is wrong with them.

Adding some trials and errors. Here is the first snipped of the video. You can hear my kitty and I had to try hard not to laugh since I did not wanted to repeat the video snippet.


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