Boosting Recovery

My neck is a little stiff so I scheduled a quick massage to take care of it, before I get injured. I really liked this article about Boosting Recovery.

Still trying to get grip on sleep. Only got 2 check-marks out if 5 over the last couple of days. Had to get some melatonin since other methods for solid sleep just fail at the moment. I start disliking my Jawbone band. It now often switches off the sleep-mode by itself. I did spend enough time in bed, but my awake times were way too long.

20140624-190810-68890756.jpg 20140624-190811-68891005.jpg


20140624-190312-68592918.jpg 20140624-111520-40520148.jpg 20140624-190318-68598582.jpg 20140624-190808-68888845.jpg

M1: Breakfast casserole with beets and goat cheese
M2: Chocolate Protein Brownie
M3: Broccoli Salad with sausage
M4: Protein Ice Cream (The new protein powder is tasty as it is, so I dont need chocolate sprinkles and can save some calories.)

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