I can paddle standing!

Had a mini massage last night, it still ran 90 minutes. Her full ones are 150 minutes long and oh so good and only $45. So I am hurting quite a bit, but she got the tension out from my neck.

Sleep sucked again. I got home around 8:30pm after the massage. On the other hand if would just utilize the sleep that I have available I would still get plenty. It isnt helping when one of my kitties decides it needs to snuggle with me at 3am.


Great workout. I got some “almost” blisters from the glide kips and knees to ellbows this morning. Its weird though, every CF workout is just so humbling.


3 Rounds
10 Glide Kips
10 Good Mornings
10 Air Squats


1a: Deadlift (4 X 3; build to heavy) – 65,85,105,115#
1b: Weighted Pull-ups (4 X 3; build to heavy) – black band

Metcon (4 Rounds for time)
5 Power Cleans (135#/85#)(185#/125#) – 55#
10 Toes-to-bar – knees to elbows
15 Ball Slams (50#/35#) – 25#
Rest 1 Minute

Food-wise, I think I am starting to wear the brownies, I need to cut some calories. For sure I overdid it this week. Next habit is eating slow. I figure its good to have a night habit (sleep) and a day habit (slow eating) running simultaneously. I should be able to focus on two.

YES, I finally got it! Was standing on the board for about 90% of those 2 hours and did not even fall into the water once.

The water conditions were ideal and it was so peaceful. Karl’s race training was infectious. I caught that bug and if I am ready I will go to the SUP Masters in Lake Geneva in September, probably trying it out in the beginner category just for fun.


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