The Brewer Game with the Crossfit Crowd

I was exited about the prospect of trying out those sweet potato pancakes. It has been months since I last had pancakes. While they were pretty decent, my taste buds are changing and I dont really want mushy or sweet stuff for breakfast, which feels it doesn’t give me a good base for the day and good nutrition. And who wants to eat already 2 hours later? Not me for sure!

20140628-200315-72195958.jpg 20140628-200301-72181918.jpg

Today was the Brewers Game with Tailgate with the Crossfit crowd. About 60 folks signed up and they are a pretty wild bunch.


This is what our temporary gym looks like, as the real one is currently getting remodeled.


The game was fun and the Brewers won.

20140628-200311-72191240.jpg 20140628-200308-72188325.jpg

Eating was good. The catered food was paleo friendly, I even had a brat with fixings in a lettuce wrap. I thing I might do that more often.

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