SUPing on Little Muskego Lake

Today went to Little Muskego Lake, and I have to say I didn’t like it. Maybe it would have been great before 10am, but oh boy those motor boats, jet skis, etc make a heck of a lot of noise and waves. But I did see a deer, unfortunately it ran before I could snap a picture. That was probably the highlight of the trip. I took a little break half-way on a private beach as there was nobody around. It was definitely a great workout.

Hours on the board: about 3.
Miles covered: approx 4 to 5

I had seen dogs on boards before, but this was a first for little kids. Karl had to work this weekend. While I am fine by myself paddling, it’s just more fun with others. One of my co-workers might even be interested taking up SUP.

I am thinking of maybe creating a SUP Milwaukee website to post info about where to paddle, how to get started, and reviews of the places I paddle. I wish it would already exist and I could just pick some favorites.

My plan for tomorrow is trampolining in the morning and a Singles picnic with boating and other water sports in the afternoon, in the evening we are going to watch the fireworks over the lake.

I had to go to the mall after the paddle and was really hungry. But they only had a bunch of fast food places. Since I rarely eat at such places I have no skill to pick something worth eating. I had a smoothie with some added protein. I better start packing a cooler with some good foods and plenty of water.

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