What a busy weekend

Only 3 more days before Germany, I am trying to get everything ready with the house, kitties and packing.

This morning I went to find a spot to SUP, that mini man-made lake I wanted to try had a $4 fee, not sure if it is even worth it and I had no cash only a cc on me. Then I went to Bradford Beach on Lake Michigan and it was crowded, due to the AVP Beach Volleyball Tour. I could not find a parking spot close enough to walk with my board to the beach, but it was also pretty windy. This makes today a total rest day. I need to get my Crossfit fix in for the next 3 day, not sure if I have the opportunity to go to a CF box in Germany, though I would love to.

Food wise, I need to watch the portions more closely and going over to Germany I have to find a smart strategy to keep myself on track and encourage my mom to eat healthier without nagging. I dont like that she eats cakes and chocolates quite often, since she has diabetes. So its crucial to not give in to all those sweets and setting a bad example. I want to make it fun so she can keep it up and be excited about.

This was the only shot that was somewhat interesting. Both my camera and my phone ran out of battery almost at then beginning of the fireworks, but I also had a hard time getting decent pics with my real camera. Need to work on those settings.

Food of today, for sure too much.

Cleaning out the fridge to make breakfast and lunches. Breakfasts will be eggs, smoked salmon and salad. Lunches are sweet potato mash topped with grilled chicken, peppers, onions and jalapenos.



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