Meeting Rett in Berlin

Another busy day. We went to the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin to meet the fabulous Rett. We were in the same LE cohort in 2013.


Today’s food:

20140717-201709-73029989.jpg 20140717-201717-73037985.jpg 20140717-201713-73033315.jpg 20140717-202138-73298059.jpg

Today’s fun: Everything is easily accessible via public transportation. The Brandenburger Tor, pieces of the Berlin Wall, the Berliner Bear, the Sony Center

20140717-202141-73301366.jpg 20140717-202347-73427178.jpg 20140717-202351-73431964.jpg

20140717-202355-73435225.jpg 20140717-202902-73742378.jpg 20140717-203327-74007852.jpg

20140717-203331-74011135.jpg 20140717-203419-74059267.jpg berlin


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