SUPing in Potsdam

Yesterdays foods
I remember the portion sizes in Germany smaller, but I think they can easily compete with the American meals.

Picture 3 is the typical coffee and cake 3pm’ish afternoon “snack”. The last two pics are in a restaurant. The salad was special order, otherwise veggies would have been non-existent, unless you count potatoes as veggies and as starch.

Breads and raw meat
German breads are quite fantastic. Very different from “German” breads that can be bought in the US. Here they are very heavy and dense, and 2 slices is really all you can eat. I was in the mood again for some Tatar which is very lean raw beef. It sure was tasty!

Paddle Boarding
I used the chance to go SUPing for a couple of hours. I had spotted a SUP rental two days earlier from the train. What fun!

Some Discoveries
I always remembered Germany being very clean, not sure if it was a true observation in the past, but now the lawns and landscape around public buildings are un-kept and graffiti is everywhere. I like how bike friendly the cities are, though I would not want to live in Germany.

This morning my mom got a break from all the action. In the afternoon we are going to visit quite a bunch of relatives.

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