Glad to be back

Feels so nice to be back here in the US. I just couldn’t live in Germany, people are way to negative and dont seem have a lot of joy in their lives. There is always something to complain about. Its a little better in former West Germany but really bad in former East Germany where most of my friends and relatives are still living. Things I heard over and over again is that lots of foreigners exploit the German social system, and when you are in your upper 40s and lose your job, you will never find another one, because you are too old. They may be valid concerns, but when you focus on misery you get more misery.

I almost caught up with chores and got my shopping done this morning.


My 5-minute action of today is catching up with at least one friend. Now off to pretty up the yard.

I wont be able to SUP on Lake Michigan today, since there is a beach hazard warning out, due to the high winds. I may try to find a new little lake this afternoon to get my active recovery in.


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