Jetlag and the CF games

The jet lag caught up to me. I did not make it to go SUPing even so the weather was fantastic. Now the yard work has to count as AR.

I was watching the Crossfit Games live on YouTube (Crossfit channel) while I had some spare time today. Those are for sure some great athletes. That reminds me of handstand and DU practice.

This is frigging awesome, which probably only a few could ever pull-off.

Its taking me some time to get back into the daily lessons. Still catching up. I really love the idea of a physical Owners Manual like a kind of scrapbook. Last year I did it Evernote style and this year maybe I want to put some extra effort aka love into that. We always tend to forget things that we knew oh so well at some point. I really like that they now have the audio option of the lesson, this way I may miss less then last year  and the iCal option to add it to my calendar.

20140723-195730-71850556.jpg 20140723-195733-71853798.jpg 20140723-195736-71856702.jpg


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