Lifting heavier

I did jump rope and head stands at lunch, but then in the afternoon I really felt like I needed a good workout, and decided to go for a late afternoon CF class. Oh boy, it was crowded with about 20 peeps. Though I dont like crowds, I really liked the atmosphere, you just feel like you want to keep up with everyone.

I think I am ready for that soon. I can do a handstand hold for about 10 seconds away from the wall already, with daily practice I should master this soon.
I am catching on to the weightlifting bug. Its kinda addicting. Yesterday and today I partnered with some long time crossfitters and they for sure know how to push me. I still cant believe that. Push Presses (105# up from 75# ) and Back Squats (160# up from 85#)

Oh and I almost forgot this Saturday is the Warrior Dash. I was lucky and a co-worker is covering my pager for that time so I can participate. I should be in much better shape then last year for that.
I was only able to cut some food out from my lunch, everything else I kinda scarfed down way to fast due to the heavy workload and high stress. But at least no mini chocolates today.

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