The joys of on-call

Its on-call week and my co-workers prepared me for maybe having to get up during the night a few times (almost every night) checking systems for problems. #notafan #oncallsucks But, oh well there isnt much I can do.

My internet was out last night and I got 3 calls from work at 12am, 1am, and 2am. I woke up at 5 am this morning for Crossfit and decided I needed more sleep since I had only gotten 4 hours. I will go to the company gym today and work on some skills, like handstands and DUs. This week may not be a normal workout week due to whacky on-call responsibilities.

TTOTM is still messing with some cravings for chocolate. So my eating is not quite “clean” aka back to 3 meals yet. After I get that back, I can start tweaking the portion sizes in just leaving a bite or two behind. I tried it for lunch, but then had a run-in with my co-workers chocolate drawer. I hate when I am not prepared with the “better for me treats”. I cooked up the sweet potato for the protein bars yesterday but did not make them yet.

Todays foods minus the mini candy bars. Pic for is the leftovers at lunch. Today my goal, one bite left behind.

20140728-201101-72661728.jpg 20140728-201104-72664869.jpg 20140728-201226-72746648.jpg


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