Protein Wraps or Spinach Pancakes?

Spinach pancakes? At first I thought It would be great to try those, but then on second thought, what would I eat with it? But making a protein wrap would be fun and it has only 3 ingredients. I haven’t had a sandwich wrap in a while. I think I need to mix it up a little.

Just thinking of some new goals. Want to be able to do completely RX on all my CF workouts by May 2015. Not yet sure what it takes to make it to CF Regionals in the 45 to 49 age group once. Practiced my head stand today again, getting better away from the wall. One of the gals even joined me today.

Oh, our 6am class is moving to the 5:30am time slot. At first I really disliked that thought, but I think I can make it work by just getting up 10 minutes earlier so around 4:50am. The great thing would be I would be able to leave work before 4pm and would have time for some paddle boarding before dinner on some days.

Short-term goal is getting rid of 10 pounds and my reward will be this. And this needs to be earned! I feel bloated and the after-effects from vacation and on-call are starting to add up. #nanosarecool #earnedit

Today’s meals:

Protein shake, 1/2 breakfast casserole, Sweet potato Protein Bar, Pulled Pork bowl, Dinner Protein Ice Cream

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