Warrior Dash 2014

I was bummed when we crawled out of the mud to reached the finish line. It was way too much fun to be over already. The Warrior Dash was just too short! That super cool slide was at the end, making it a triple obstacle. The WD is really is a muddy playground for adults. So funny, after the first obstacle you see people wiping of their hands in the grass to get rid of the mud, by obstacle 9 everyone is just drenched in mud from head to toe, some even swallowed it though not recommended. This year I was better in the climbing and we ran a good portion of the way. Next year we want to come in under an hour. But then it all depends how long the lines to pass the obstacles are.

I didn’t take my camera so we have to wait for some official pictures. A GoPro Hero3+ would have been so cool.

Last year vs this year. This year we located the the little lake that we could get a little cleaned up in. While last year we came home with ALL the mud!

Today’s food. We went to a burger joint after the Dash and I hated mine, since when has a spicy buffalo chicken tons of celery on it. #hatecelery


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