12 weeks til the Spartan Race

I used the CamMe app to do my progress pics. The quality is rather poor but since I ran out of battery on my DSLR, it just has to do.

I go forth and back with experimenting more with foods or make due with a minimum. I dont want to get bored with my foods, but then I dont want to spend much time in the kitchen either.

12 more weeks until the Spartan Race! This one isn’t like the Warrior Dash, it does require skills and one should be fit. Every time you fail on an obstacle you will have to perform 30 burpees (the burpee penalty) My goals? I want to master rope climb,  and oh shuks running. And while we are at it I should be starting with the 30 day burpee challenge. #30Burpees30Days

The slow eating habit is upon us starting tomorrow! Perfect timing, just what I needed to focus on.

I found a new up for my meals called PhotoGrid and I like it. The WordPress upload was kinda annoying lately only letting me upload one or two pics otherwise crashing the app.

Today’s food:
I had some pancakes for breakfast with bacon and salads for lunch and dinner. In the afternoon I made a coffee and added lots of ice cubes along with some xanthan gum and whipped it up. It felt like one of those un-sugared frappuccinos.


Food prep:
I made Shakshuka for breakfasts along with some brownies, grilled veggies and meat for lunches, and my usual dinner shakes dont require prep.


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