Eating Slow

I had  an unexpected day off from Crossfit. Yesterday at 8pm I read on FB that starting today the classes start at 5:30am and as I was getting ready for bed I got paged and had to check a bunch of systems. Needless to say I got to bed late and this morning I decided to catch up on sleep, and it was sooooo needed.

Yesterday I signed up for the Spartan Race as volunteer, then I get the race and the parking for free and get to experience the atmosphere a little closer. I talked to a co-worker today who did the same last year and he gave me already some tips, including sending me some info on a complimentary free Spartan Workout at the end of August at the race location. I will also work with my trainer to prepare, not only did he do the race last year, he came in as #43, so he kicked some butt. Good times ahead.

Today is the start the Eating Slow habit. This is one of the habits I came back for. I never mastered it in the first round. I am now using an iPhone app called EatSlowerPro to pace my eating. And oh wonder after 19 bites I was full for lunch and 17 bites for dinner. Well for breakfast I forgot and probably scarfed everything down in 5 minutes or less. I think it will be hard to pick the right bites so you don’t leave all the good stuff behind. I am truly amazed how it just works.

20140804-185505-68105688.jpg 20140804-185507-68107977.jpg 20140804-185509-68109072.jpg

3 thoughts on “Eating Slow

    1. Yes, I figured it worked the first time and I really want to focus on those last 50 pounds again. Structure and accountability are just so important for me.

  1. Cool – you’ve got to go with what works! I was just curious and seeking some context. Good luck this year, and keep writing about your adventures.

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