Little treats

Today I even got a compliment from my Chiropractor, while I was there for my every other month maintenance appointment. As I was telling him that I was in for another round of LE. He said, gosh you look great just keep it up.  And he could not believe that I want to loose another 50 pounds. Its so weird, people start to tell me that I should not loose too much, but when I tell them that I am still in the 200s they usually let go of that anorexia concern. My back actually started to get pinchy this morning. Maybe some after-effects from the WD. But it should be fixed in no time. I will probably go for another adjustment on Friday.  I just dont have time for that, I mean nobody has really time for being out sick. Only 12 weeks and 4 days until the Spartan Race. All my chiro said was no running for the rest of the week. Haha, if he would know what kind of exercises I do he would have easily extended that list. Tomorrow is trainer workout and my trainer is usually great with adaptive workouts.

Even so I did eat faster today then yesterday, it was still a whole lot slower than usual and left something on the plate except for dinner. I was really hungry for all my meals probably because of my workout this morning. I made sure for breakfast to have enough “room” for my brownie so I pretty much ate that first.

I am really not a fan of 5:30am Crossfit workouts. Fortunately I only have to get up 10 minutes earlier and the great part about that early one is, that we actually have time to work on skills after our workouts. So we had some great firsts. Lindsey did her first headstand and Caitlin her first pullup. That was pretty cool. I was working on freestanding headstands and then I switched over to just holds in the rings with a green band, not even trying to attempt ring dips.

20140805-192332-69812737.jpg 20140805-192334-69814188.jpg 20140805-192335-69815675.jpg


Here is a great quick little sweet treat that does not require any big preparations.


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