Leaving food behind

Its quite fascinating, those two things are similar – to either leave a couple of bites on my plate vs to eat slow. The result is kind of the same you probably leave a little something behind either way. While the first method made me feel deprived and sad on having to toss out some good stuff, leaving something behind after eating slow is more a happy feeling that I saved some calories without much effort. For sure this habit is KEY for a good reason, so simple but oh so difficult. Thank god for iphone apps. I seem to start eating very fast, but after bite 5 or 6 I can actually start the normal 1 minute interval to slow me down substantially.

So it looks like that anything between 18 and 25 bites will be enough, hmmmm. That would be a different way to plan out some meals. that isn’t really a lot of food you need, some good protein and a bunch of veggies. Add some fat and the bites may even go down a little. I think I want to experiment a little more on that front.

I have to admit I eat while I work or while I am busy with other things. I really cant promise the distraction free eating. Probably also not realistic in my case in the long run.

I think the second time (doing LE) I realize the expectation isn’t to be perfect. Slow at every  meal and leave something? Nope, but learn with every meal. To learn what works and what doesn’t and to experiment. In my first round I thought I could just cut the portions, isn’t that the same? Nope the fear of deprivation made it a fail. I still look at my meal at the beginning and think I am so hungry and will eat it all. But then 20 big bites into it  I think I could leave some, because I am getting full.  I was in a mood for “pizza” for dinner, to a pizza lover it wont qualify as that, but I only like a pizza once in a while so that was the fastest way with what I had (gluten-free). It took me quite  a bit to slow down my eating and enjoy it and I did eat too much since I was stuffed afterwards. But I left something on the plate and was ok with that being tossed out.  That is just part of the process.This habit offers so many variations in itself, like stretching it out to 20 minutes, or savoring every bite for some time, or chewing at least 10 to 15 times per bite, smaller bites, etc and then the eating to 80%, but when you dont master the slow eating, the 80% becomes  a struggle. And I remember having to ask on how would one know what 80% is?

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