Winning my first SUP race

This morning I went to the Paddle Boarding Party down to the Chicaco area again and this time I made it to first place in the Women’s division. Well there were 3 of us in the 40+, one in youth and one guy. I was the fastest again in the long distance. so I may want to try a longer race and see if I can get my endurance and speed up.  And we played SUP Polo. At first I did not look forward to it as there was a lot of bumping boards and fast maneuvers but as we got into it we just had a blast. I am learning a lot including techniques on how to turn faster. And I can see a hard board in my future. They are just more rigid, perform better, are  easier to stand on, and for racing a must. I really love the BIC ACE TEC Wing we raced with, but its so heavy and too long to get it into my basement.


I was still sore today from the 150 abmat crunches that we did on Thursday. So it was quite a challenge for the longer distance to paddle.

I went to a Meijer store today for the very first time and was all excited. Then inside I realized I hate those humongous all-in-one stores. Just too many choices and you are trapped in there for hours. Did anyone else notices that, the bigger the store the more you spend? WTH, I spent double my usual groceries in buying stuff that wasn’t on my list and way more then I needed.

Had no time for the app for lunch and dinner, but did eat slower.

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