Expanding my Happiness

Tonight is really early bed time. Is there such thing as too much fun? Probably not, but the lack of sleep is getting to me.

Oh I found a really funny muddy picture of myself from the finish line. Yup, head to toe coverage in mud was included.


And this one is from last night. The picture doesn’t do it any justice. It was just plain gorgeous out on the water.


Food wise I have seen better days, the sleep deprivation is wearing its ugly head. I had a bunch of mini ice cream bars and some small pieces of Kringle alongside my usual foods. I can see how my body desperately tries to maintain a high energy level asking for sugar as a quick fix. There was no exercise scheduled.

Our Team Ohana FB page finally opened.

As some of you may know I hate that fluffy stuff, but in order to expand my mind I will try it. Coach Pam posted this: Expand your Happiness Р21 day Meditation Experience 

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