Your Permission Slip


The permission slip –  last year I decided to skip this lesson since I did not wanted to wander of my path. I felt on track and did not wanted to jeopardize it. This year I feel different about it. I want to  experience it, though I didn’t find the “perfect food” to enjoy it with yet. I was wandering over the farmers market looking for a worthy one, not some sugary cheap crap. Though I know that I can eat anything I want since we are not on a diet, in my mind I sometimes still have the bad food/good food mentality. And we all know a bad food can become appealing really fast when we lack sleep, etc.

I am fascinated by the truth that binges and certain foods will get us into a fast eating frenzy. So, if we just slow down the eating we may be able to prevent those.   Like those mini candy bars I get into sometimes, I do scarf them down, not enjoying them at all, but eating a bunch.

I only did the chopstick experiment for lunch, but I will expand the experiment for sure. So for lunch I went from a 15 minute average to 27 minutes. Granted I ate it all because I was hungry enough. But it sure put a new fun twist on it. Well you may get some weird looks, but who cares.

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