The New Board

My morning paddle was pretty fantastic. Love the board, it cuts out the choppy water and makes it one fast board. I am training to race on Lake Geneva at the Midwest SUP Masters. Yes, I got a new board, again an inflatable. I just cant store a hard board. I measured and measured, and it did not fit through the stairs down, nor the basement window. OMG, this is one cool board, its blazing fast for an inflatable, and inflates easily.


IMG_8012 IMG_8011

IMG_8008 IMG_8013

So I lost over 6 pounds this week. No tricks, no magic, and in case you didn’t catch that I gained 5 pounds last week. So +/- I really lost 1 pound and I am a pretty happy with that.

I really love the eating slow this time around. I am getting better taking smaller bites and waiting for the 1 minute ping before taking my next bite. food was ok. I was actually able to eat one roll without eating a whole bunch more thanks to the slow eating.

Oh I am so NOT ready for the new 80% habit!

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