My single bite philosophy

My single bite philosophy
Now when I take a bite I want an experience of flavor, not just a couple of salad leaves crunched together. So sometimes it will take me some time to get a great bite ready on my fork or spoon.

Food Prep
I made some mayo again, and I dont know what it is but it totally excites me when the emulsification takes place. I hate store-bought mayo taste-wise, homemade is just the best! I was on the quick prep trail today, threw some meat on the grill and chopped up some veggies. Even made another batch of mini cheesecakes.

I went to the lake and the water was too rough. I was so disappointed. It was already windy inland and it should have given me a clue. So I just walked along the beach. Now, kite or wind surfing would have been perfect. I just love being near water. Though I do love the mountains too, but if I would have to choose it would always be the water that I would like to be near. As always I just had to take some pics, and there was even a dude wind surfing.

Today’s Meals
I usually dont eat snacks, but today I did (pic 3) and eating slow for a snack is hard. I really like my 3 meals only, so it will be a challenge with the 80% for sure. Though I am working hard on enjoying the slow eating.



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