No workout for me today

This morning I was sooooo friggen sore, that I could hardly move, so Crossfit just wasn’t possible. I walked like a really old woman all day, very much to the amusement of my co-workers. It was from those Overhead Lunge Steps with that 25 pound plate, a total leg killer. I will do a double workout tomorrow. I have my trainer workout in the morning and go for some paddle boarding in the afternoon.

We had the “Hunger Games” lesson today. I still remember how that was a big eye opener in the last round of LE for me that being hungry is ok. I came from the 6 small meals a day philosophy, and was almost never hungry.

It looks like I am starting to drop some pounds now. Feels great. Getting the hang of that slow eating and looks like I may only need 15 to 16 bites to complete my meals on average. I just love that EatSlower app and waiting that minute makes me want to enjoy my food even more. I had some food left for breakfast and lunch, but no more pics.

Today’s foods:

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