Reclaiming my sleep

Realizing that a 5:30 am Crossfit class is way to early and makes me sheer miserable all day was a breakthrough. Though I can go home from work at 3:30pm, but I would just be so tired and did not have any energy to do much, due to the lack of sleep. I am testing out a new schedule to be at work by 9am and then do my CF workout at 6:30pm. In the past I hated working out in the evening, but I want to try the opposite. The advantages are the class is rather small, I can have my power shake to refuel for a(quick) dinner, and no more going to bed by 8pm. I just did not sleep well.

I just had to skip my CF class this morning, because I have a paddle boarding race tomorrow and two its way to early and I dont want to be miserable any longer. So I slept in for a little, got a ton of things done before work and got into work by 9am. Felt sooooo much better and my co-workers like it too as we now have coverage from 6am to 6pm again. Most of my coworkers are in between 6am and 7:30am. Eating was back on track. I did eat slow except for dinner as it was already 7:30pm when I got around to it.

I am not quite sure if I should go for the 3 or the 1.5 mile race. The longer one might be a little too much as I am still getting used to my board and since we race on Lake Michigan it could be choppy depending on the wind. My endurance is pretty great but my ability to keep balanced may cave before that.

Just made some Sweet Potato protein bars and the protein rolls are in the oven. I love that they are so super fast.

Today’s meals.

IMG_8162 IMG_8164 IMG_8163 IMG_8165

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