Oh those workouts

Oh I think I will be dying at tomorrows workout. Just had a peek. I can hardly lift my arms after today’s WOD with 21-15-9 Hang Snatches and Pull-ups and during the strength session I dropped my weight doing back squats being only 80% of my highest weight, duh. Felt a little wimpy tonight, not sure if it is TTOTM related or just the switch to the evening workouts. Need to work on my meal 2 hours before my workout since between lunch and workout are 6.5 hours and I hate to “snack”. I also want to cut my PWO shake down as it is at 8pm, quite late, when I get home after my workout.

Made another round of bread. gosh those are just so super quick and taste great to me. And one sandwich out of those 3 has just 130 calories.


Today’s meals included 2 snacks again.

Haha, Yup sounds about right. 


2 thoughts on “Oh those workouts

  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/erin-simmons/why-i-dont-do-crossfit_b_5411771.html. What do you think about this? I’m asking honestly. I care about long term fitness and I worry about the consequences of long term Paleo or low carb diets and crossfit.

    I really like the way you write about this and I like your perspective. I hope you’ll take a look at the article and then write about what you experience vs what the article’s author suggests.

    Thanks for your consideration!

  2. Thanks Emily for your question. Like with every popular sport you always have haters and people that experienced the bad or the ugly. And they are entitled to their opinion. Bad news always travels faster and further then the good stuff though. I really love Crossfit because it gives me a short workout, its fun, and it has me doing many different things in order to be fit across the board.

    Important really is to go at your own pace, modify if needed and just have a blast. I haven’t had a single injury since starting Crossfit in April and are in much better shape then I ever was before and I look forward to my workouts. And when you are done with your workout you do feel badass! Bottom line is it gets me prepared to do more cool stuff from paddle boarding, to snow boarding, to rock climbing, etc.


    In regards to Paleo and other diets. There isn’t one perfect diet for everyone. the best way to find out what works is to try it and tweak it until it feels good to you. In addition yearly blood tests are great indicators on how your body is responding and if there are things out of whack that you may not be noticing.

    Sugar, dairy and grain/gluten can cause inflammation in some, while others don’t have any problems. So as a general rule for myself I try to stay away from those. At least don’t eat them on a regular base. There is always a lot of experimenting going on and sometimes what worked well in the last couple of years may not work any longer. Then its just back to the drawing board. But you cant go wrong with eating lots of veggies, fruits, good quality proteins and fats.


    Hope that helps a little.

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