Eating too fast without the app

Great workout this evening again. You know there is something weird when you think situps and DLs are the more relaxing part. There might be a chance that they will put in a 6:30am workout, I talked to Danny one of the owners and he is thinking about that.

Ok the workout was:

3 rounds of Cindy (5 pullups, 10 pushups, 15 air squats)
and stretching

3×5 push-presses @ 75#
3×10 strict pullups with black band

Deadlifts (115#)
Burpee over bar
Abmat Sit-ups
in 10:41 minutes

My evening trainer was Jeramie and he makes sure I dont take it too easy. I almost had to downgrade to a green band (from black). Though I think I need that kick, otherwise I might stay there for another 6 months.

Oh look what I found. A new bar. A Snickers-Inspired protein bar!


I had two additional little ice cream bars that slipped by the camera, but I did reduce the shake ingredients. But the last couple of days I am eating a little too fast again and dont pay attention to my 80%. So back to square one. I was trying to work without the app, but its isn’t quite working yet.


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