OMG what a workout

WTH was this? Today’s workout I mean!

400 Run
2 Rounds:
10 Air Squats
10 Glide Kips
10 Good Mornings

1A: Front Squat (3 X 5 @ 95#)
1B: Ring Rows (3×6)

Metcon  for Time
50 Wall Balls
75 KB Swings
200 Single-Unders
75 Back Squats
50 Burpees

made it in 20:34 minutes

For sure a great workout to practice mental toughness. Man, that was hard. I will need to do an Epsom salt bath tonight, otherwise I wont be able to move my arms or legs tomorrow. But I like the evening workouts, as the coach has just more time to show us proper form as we aren’t as many in the class. I think I am getting close to get the double-unders. Technique is really everything. But need to practice daily.

Today’s food was good and I returned to my bites per minute, which amazes me how it just works to leave something on the plate. Yesterday I finished the whole plate and yes I was full afterwards, but it took a while to register. Today I was comfortable to leave those leftovers after only 17 minutes. Oh a bunch of calories saved, without even counting any.  I still need to tune a little more into my hunger to get that burn going again.



Today’s meals:


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