Got a ton of stuff done. I was just done with mowing the lawn when I got a text from Karl that the lake conditions are great. So there I went to the beach, even forgot to take some snacks along. As we started out it was hard pouring rain. Kinda cool being on the water. But then it cleared up again. We practiced for over 4 hours, we even went into the deep to practice to get back onto our boards in case we fall off in the race. And sure enough on our way back, I got into a bunch of whacky waves and wanted to test out my balance. I then realized they were a little too much to handle and was in the process to get back on my knees as one of those waves made me tip over. I did hit the board and my lip did swell afterwards a little, but even more important it was easy to get back on the board as we had practiced it. #sograteful

Tonight I made some protein bread, the snickers protein bars, and then some good ole German apple cake for my 80 year old friend and while I was at it I also made some for Karl. There is more paddling in the forecast for tomorrow.







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