I dont know how many times I went forth and back trying the vegetarian diet. I even had stints with vegan and raw. In my mid 20s I became a vegetarian for about 8 years. I remember the last years I had tons of allergies, was often sick, my skin did not heal well, I was B12 deficient, I was always hungry it seemed, and got fatter by the year. Looking at some of those vegetarian websites its mostly grains, beans, breads, and pastas it seems.…ng/vegetarian/

It appears its even more difficult to eat balanced being a vegetarian. I wont go back to be vegetarian, since I hate beans, rice and tofu (GMO), but will tolerate lentils, mung beans, and chickpeas. Maybe once a month I can find a vegetarian recipe worth making. I think I rather juice or fast for a day then eat beans.



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