Learning to Surf? Maybe.

The weather was just beautiful today.  Tomorrow will be another one of those!

This is the wrap for the SUP racing season, I got 6th place but it was also a much larger race. Very happy with that, didn’t fall into the water and there were 18+ buoy turns to master. My division has by far the most racers.

Today I met up with Karl and Jenny from the SUP meetup. It was Jenny’s first race and she sure had a blast too. I am getting so much better on my board, now I just have to work on speed and endurance, so I can move up next year to the Elite racers (6mile+). I am sad that the season is ending.

IMG_8438 IMG_8444

We talked to a bunch of folks who told us that fall and spring are perfect for surfing, as there will be higher waves. the downside is it will be cold. We would have at least 3 great spots in close proximity on Lake Michigan, and then there is Chicago and Sheboygan, but that would require some travel.


Food was a little too much and there were some little snacks that weren’t captured.Though I did not eat the bars or the banana which I took to the race (pic 1).


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