New beach: Atwater

I paddled for almost 3 hours on my knees today and about 1 hour standing up. I didn’t wanted to fall into the water and the waves were pretty rough. The west wind took all the warm water out on the lake and the water temp was a chilling 60 degrees. Its time to dig out my wetsuit again. We paddled down to Bradford Beach which was about 3 miles one way. The way down was tiring fighting the waves, as we had south-west wind with lots of waves building. On our way back it was so much fun as we could ride some of those waves. And it probably took us only 1/3 of the time to get back. Then we did another hour of beach training. I practiced not to panic at large waves and just go with the flow and stay relaxed on the board. I have fallen off a few times at those larger waves that rock the board quite severely and my racing board doesn’t take those too well. I had tried out a different Naish board yesterday during some demos, a surf board to be exact, and that was actually a blast riding waves with. So each board has its advantages and drawbacks.


Todays beach: Atwater, Shorewood, WI

The beach was nice, but its a long walk from the car to the beach either doing stairs or a long ramp

Karl and I was talking about the SUP racing and that my division is the toughest and largest by far and I haven’t even met the great racers yet. Granted I would have less competition on a surf style board (while I currently race on a 12.6 style board, which is for racing most common) but then I feel like I am cheating, switching board categories to win. My thinking is with some good training and 50 pounds less on the board I should have a fair chance next year. Here is to making those 50 pounds disappear to kick some butt next year in SUP racing.


Here I am with Leslie, one of the racers in the elite (long distance) category.

Food was ok, was too busy to take pics. But I had an omelet in the morning, roast beef on a protein bun for lunch, a larabar and 1/2 banana as snack, and a shake and 1 peach for dinner. We had a 4 hour paddle workout which should offset the snacking. I made some of those Snickers Protein bars again for the week, but this time in smaller portions.


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