A portable dishwasher! No more dishes to wash.

I cant believe it, I skipped my workout because of the stupid running, two times 800 meters as part of the WOD. No more looking beforehand. Then digging a little deeper, my problem isn’t quite the running, its the being last that I have a problem with.

OMG I found a portable Whirlpool dishwasher on our company’s classifieds for only $75. Its a must sell since she is moving. and they are also willing to drop it off at my house on their moving day. Yes! I love the sound of that, gone with doing the dishes by hand. That reminds me of I have been experimenting  with the Jamberry wraps, like stickers for your nails. They are a lot of fun. But I also try to make the OPI polishes last longer, and so far 4 days later it still looks great. Secret is to use the base and top coat and give it enough time to cure. If anyone remembers I did the gel manicures and I totally love them but the acetone used to remove the gel polish wrecks the nails and it took a couple of weeks to strengthen them again.


I am in the process to connect with some surfers to see if I can get started before the water temp gets too cold. At least the boards are not as expensive as the SUPs. One of my co-workers brother is a very active surfer in Detroit and gave me some names of folks around here so we’ll see.

Have a bunch more recipes in the hopper that I really want to try.

Green Orangesicle (from coach Pam)

1 cup almond milk
1 orange, coarsely chopped (rind on)
2-3 cups spinach
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1 tsp vanilla extract

Mix it up and enjoy – tastes like a Creamsicle!


Glazed Lentil Walnut Apple Loaf


#today’s foods


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