Fall is at our doorstep

Dropped over 3 pounds this week. Go figure! Was a lot hungrier this week due to the weather and will switch to 4 meals for a while as I cant seem to shake that afternoon snack. I should just make it part of the plan. I lost now 6.8 pounds and 6 inches since the beginning of the program. I love the sound of this!

Fall is at our doorstep. It was cold and rainy the last couple of days. Looking for a wetsuit, boots and gloves to either extend the SUP season or get a little into the surf season. I may have to do a road trip to get to the only great Surf shop here in SE Wisconsin.

Went shopping for some good stuff for the week. Yesterday I watched a movie called Food Beware – The French Organic Revolution. It just boggled my mind how in those idyllic little communities the cancer, infertility and other illnesses runs rampant. Never thought France would be part of it. It came down to farmers (wine, apples, etc) spray up to 150 chemicals onto their farm land which pollutes the air and the water, resulting in one that lots of children getting leukemia and dying of it, or being born with deformities.




That was quite a bit of food yesterday. The cold and wet weather just seems to make me want to eat something warm and snuggle up in a blanket on the couch. OH thats called winter-sleep.  Nooooooo I am not ready for that.



Something to try out, though they look kinda scary.


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