Skipping workouts and too many treats

#1 – I skipped another workout. Guess what? The evenings just aren’t working for me. I want my morning workouts back, just not at 5:30am to rob me of some valuable sleep. So, I decided I am going to check out another Crossfit box that offers 7am workouts. Tomorrow is my trainer workout but I will check out the new Crossfit Box on Thursday morning. This box seems to be a little more mixed in age and they seem to put some emphasis on food, as they have Paleo challenges. So lets see how that goes. I just need to get a grip on my workouts again.

#2 – Food wise I have been craving sweets, but oh no wonder it finally dawned on me TTOTM is just around the corner. I am making protein brownies tonight to stop eating from my co-workers candy drawer and other random snacks.

#3 – I dont like 4+ small meals, I want my 3 bigger meals back and with my workouts returning to the morning I wont need an afternoon snack to get through the 6:30pm workout.


#1 swiss chard with sweet potato and eggs, #2 1 beet with some goat cheese, #3 cabbage and chorizo, #4 microwave cake, #5 lentil soup, #6 dinner protein shake – a boat load of odd foods.



IMG_8632 IMG_8637

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