Maybe a first surf?

Quick update. Still skipping workouts. But I am going tomorrow morning for a WOD to check out the new CF box at 7am. My energy level is slowly returning. No sweets today except for my protein brownie. Victory!

There might be a chance for our first surf on Saturday. Expected waves 3 to 5 ft. But then weather is just so darn unpredictable, it all depends on wind direction and speed.

Thinking of taking out the dairy (cream in coffee, yogurt, small amounts of cheese) for a while again and eat a little cleaner and see how that goes. It wont be a huge change, but that gf oatmeal and the rolls snug in but will just need to go for a while.  I would like to up the good fats  as they will just keep me satisfied longer. That white carb/sugar rut is just vicious and harder to control. I want to feel the hunger without being crabby and feeling the need to have to eat right NOW, triggered by those carby blood sugar spikes.



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