Preparing for the Paleo Challenge

I am getting ready for a 30 day Paleo challenge with myself. Start is on the 25th. I missed the one at Badger CF as you cant join after it started, but I will use the same app. I will be cutting the dairy out and with that the coffee as I use cream in my coffee. I think the coffee will be the hardest as I really enjoy it but I can feel some effects which may not be so beneficial. A reset would be good.

Tyler, the owner of my new CF box is getting PN certified. How cool is that! But he also is an amazing athlete and surely transfers this to his box. They even have a huge Spartan Race team (that I will join).
The box also participates in the Field to Fork Farms CSA (meat and poultry) where you can get a share of a cow, pig, chickens or turkeys. And then as Brewcity Crossfit they also have the Paleo meal delivery.

For the skill work we practice handstands holds (me from a box). I am getting now up to 30 seconds per round, when we make it to a minute we can start with the real ones. I ran today 2400 meters aka 1.5 miles (in 3 rounds x 800 meters) in addition to 50 power cleans and 50 pushups in under 25 minutes.

Thinking of biking to work tomorrow, as I want to recover from my soreness a little. This weather needs to be enjoyed as long as possible. Every minute of it!

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#1 eggs for breakfast, #2 steak and yellow beets, #3 Paleo plum cake. #4 dinner protein shake

#1 snickers bars as part of breakfast, #2 green beans and chicken sausage for lunch, #3 egg breakfast casserole, #4 dinner protein shake

#1 The meat CSA at Badger CF. #2 No more dirty dishes in the sink. My dishwasher is here! Now I can switch meal prep to a weekday. #3 Made some snickers bars again. #4 Its that time of year – sugar plums. I love those.

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