A Sweet Potato Chicken Curry

I may even join the Badger CF crowd to play some soccer. Haven’t played in forever, but should be fun. Also they are just scheduling a Paleo crock pot cooking evening, for sure needed to sign up for that as well.

I took today off for my workout as I will be paddling both weekend days. And this is tomorrows workout. Strength: Tempo Romanian Dead lift, Skin the Cats (whatever that is), WOD: Row, Inverted Burpees, DB Snatches (50/35), Pull-Ups/Ring Rows, Situps, Wall Ball, Overhead Plate Carry

Stayed out of the treats today and substituted with some plums and was quite a bit more hungry. That is a good thing and will burn some fat!


Got another meal in the works. A Sweet Potato Chicken Curry. Looks like that will come in around $4.11/each per 6 meals or $3.09/meal based on 8. I was able to make 8 meals out of the loaded sweet potato batch which brings down the cost to $4.50 per meal.

IMG_8799 IMG_8797

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