So many things to do and not enough time

There is just so much to write about and so little time. I cant even catch up on the logs. Sorry.

I want to add another element besides finding my nutritional optimum. Thinking of doing something like doing it on a budget.

This brings me to a cooking event that I will be attending. That looks pretty promising as we will prep 10 meals in total and it will come down to $3/serving. Not bad!

Its a Paleo Perfection crock-pot workshop. And doesn’t it look like efficiency at its finest?


That is what we will be making:

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken
Moroccan Lamb Stuffed Peppers
Rosemary Garlic Roasted Pork Chops
Beef Bourguignon
Herb Roasted Chicken
Mexican Chili
Moroccan Pulled Pork
Lemon Rosemary Chicken with Vegetables
Jamaican Jerk Short Ribs
Dill Chicken with Vegetables

I love coach Pam! She is awesome. After my email I sent to her last week, when i was frustrated about the lack of progress she even followed up today on how things are going. I like that! I also had my pictures restored in the LE progress section from last year so I can compare some fat pics with my current stats.

Some cool footage for the Battle of the Paddle. Really a gruesome course, though fun to watch.

My new crossfit box checked up on me yesterday too. Which I thought was nice and as I was talking to Tyler who is the owner he said if I give him some pics he would like to post on their blog/FB on what other fun stuff folks a up to besides crossfit. I think the racing pics are the most fun to look at.

Today was our quarterly potluck. Went well and everyone enjoyed it. We had chicken soup, I made beef stew, mac&cheese, bread, apple crumble with ice cream, pumpkin pie, and apple cider. I had some of most things and enjoyed it. Except for the Mac&cheese, that stuff is just yuck.




We are also starting on the company roof-top garden pretty soon, before winter hits. Looking forward to that too.

Nuf said.

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