The new rubber boots

Marge the barge couldn’t wait to get into the water, neither could I. The afternoon started with a little choppier water but it got calmer. Karl had to fly out early today so I was on my own for another adventure. Though I did see another paddle boarder around the harbor. It was pretty and the sun came out for a while, about 68 degrees outside and the water temp in lower 50s. I enjoyed my time on the water. Not sure what it is, same with swimming, as soon as I start I just dont want to stop. Though my feet starting to hurt and go numb a little in the new rubber boots, so I opted to come back to shore. Just some good insoles for those boots should do the trick. I got the rubber boot ideal from Karl. The good: my feet will stay dry and warm, but the bad: if I fall into the water I may lose them. I have tried a bunch of those neoprene socks and boots, and your feet just get wet.  Sometimes they really dont get that warm, even so thats the neoprene function to warm up the water layer between the skin and the boots.  And you know what that means? The bathroom is calling often with wet and cold feet, but on the water all bundled up there is nowhere to go quick.


After church I was so hungry that I ate a bunch of chocolate covered peanuts (no picture evidence). Again I failed to plan. I think  just having some tea or water in the car would have helped to fend off the hunger.


There is another picture from yesterdays hike while we were waiting for the last ones to arrive.


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