My first handstand

OMG. My first handstand! at my first Crossfit Gymnastics class. This is so cool. Now I can just practice daily to kick-up and hold.

It sure is a big milestone, that I have been working on for quite some time. I think ETP is really helping me to get to the next level. With the exception of my PWO meals I try not to add any “inferior” carbs. Though the last week was higher in chips, some bread, etc due to holding some taste testings. I am glad its over, even so the products are fantastic, having some of that crap (to dip with) around is not so beneficial. For the future I will find ways around it. I will mainly focus on helping folks prepare healthy, nutritious and super tasty meals.

Food was good today, since today is kind of a rest day I was able to save my calories, though not in the right ratio.

TDEE (active): 2500 P: 200g – F: 100g – C: 200g (Mon, Wed, Fri)
TDEE (control): 2200 P: 200g – F: 100g – C: 125g (Tue, Thu, Sat, Sun)

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I seem to fall short on the protein quite often. Need to figure that out on how to get more protein at each meal. I had plenty of food.

Weight wise it went up by 3 pounds since starting ETP, which is expected and normal. Its just that the body needs some time to adjust from all those Paleo hacks and years of dieting. So no more BPC for me for a while.

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